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Сборник адаптированных книг (Harcourt Leveled Readers) -

Название: Harcourt Leveled Readers
Жанр: сказки, повести, рассказы; наука и техника, путешествия, история
Издательство: Harcourt School Publishers
Формат: pdf
Год: 2006-2010
Язык: английский
Уровень: начальный, средний, высокий
Качество: Изначально электронное

Данная серия адаптированных книжек (6 уровней) американского издательства Harcourt уникальна тем, что в большинство PDF файлов встроено аудио. То есть достаточно кликнуть на специальный значок, чтобы прослушать определенное предложение на английском языке с помощью диктора.
HARCOURT Leveled Readers - книги, которые можно использовать для домашнего чтения и как дополнительные материалы к учебной программе для детей младшего и среднего возраста.
От уровня до уровня эти книги разных жанров ( научно-популярные, художественные) помогают всем учащимся развить достаточное и независимое желание на всю жизнь читать книги в оригинале.
-В конце каждой книги предусмотрен словарь новых слов и задания на понимание прочитанного.

# Содержание раздачи:

Список книг Grade 1

Детские сказки и рассказы
1. Jhonny Appleseed. An American Who Made a Difference
2. A Bug and a Pup (Автор: Linn Trepicchio)
3. A Corn Husk (by Naomi Miller)
4. A Good Sport (by Linda B. Ross)
5. A Hat (by Lynn Trepicchio)
6. A Hat for Sam (by Paul Wilson)
7. A Honey of a Story (by Margaret Gallo)
8. A Pet to the Vet (by Shirley Frederick)
9. All About Animals
10. All About Matter
11. All About Pigs
12. All About Plants
13. All Kinds of Markets
14. All Sorts of Sports
15. An Afternoon Nap (Beth Alley Wise)
16. Andy's New House (by Sandra Widener)
17. Animal Groups
18. Animals and Plants
19. Ann Gets a Map (by Jane Manners)
20. Ants Are Busy (by Margaret Gallo)
21. Apples (Mary Louise Bourget)
22. Around the Zoo with Baboon (by Meish Goldish)
23. Baboons Park (by Beth Alley Wise)
24. Bess and Tess (by Jane Manners)
25. Bird Beaks and Bills (by Linda Cernak)
26. Boots for Red (by Margie Sigman)
27. Cat in Boots (an old story retold by Lucy Floyd)
28. Cindys Cellar (by Sydnie Meltzer Kleinhenz)
29. Earths Resources
30. Environments for Living Things
31. Fantastic Fruit
32. Forests, Deserts, and Oceans
33. Four Seasons on a Farm
34. Going Shopping
35. Habitats
36. Heat, Light, and Sound
37. Heat, Light, and Sound (NO AUDIO)
38. In Motion!
39. In Motion!
40. Land and Water
41. Lets Vote!
42. Look Up! Our Sky
43. Measuring Weather
44. Motion
45. Move It!
46. My Earth
47. My Town
48. Natural Resources
49. News Travels Fast
50. Objects in the Sky
51. Our Earth
52. People and Energy
53. Places to Live
54. Plants, Plants, Everywhere
55. Red, White, and Boom
56. Ride On
57. Seasons
58. Strange Laws
59. Sun Time!
60. The Four Seasons
61. The Star-Spangled Banner
62. This Rocks!
63. Water Cycle
64. We Live Here
65. Weather Safety
66. Web of Life
67. What Do You Eat
68. What is Matter (NO AUDIO)
69. Why Do People Need Food

Список книг Grade 2

Уровень преимущественно представлен художественной литературой
  • A Cowboys Life
  • A Matter of Change
  • A Trip Down a River
  • A Trip on Dinosaur Airlines
  • Alone Time, Together Time
  • Businesses Depend on Each Other
  • By the North Star
  • Changing Shapes
  • Exploring Earths Surface NO AUDIO
  • Forms of Water
  • Helping Our World
  • Home Sweet Home NO AUDIO
  • Light and Heat NO AUDIO
  • Living Off the Land
  • Many People, Many Cultures
  • Matter Matters!
  • Motion
  • Natural Resources NO AUDIO
  • North, South, East, West
  • Our Government at Work
  • Our Solar System NO AUDIO
  • Rain or Shine
  • Sail Like a Viking!
  • Sams Chase
  • Saving Ben
  • Secrets from a Cave
  • Slinky for Sale
  • Staying Warm
  • Suprises In Grandmas Garden
  • The Caterpillar and the Cave NO AUDIO
  • The Dog and His Shadow
  • The Giants Sock
  • The Journey of the Monarch
  • The Return of the Peregrine Falcon
  • The Seed Surprise
  • The Talking Drums
  • The Tree House
  • The World Under the Water
  • This Changing Earth NO AUDIO
  • Transportation Yesterday and Today
  • Travels with Dad
  • Very Cool Rain
  • Wait for Me, Captain!
  • Way to Grow! NO AUDIO
  • What Are Light and Heat NO AUDIO
  • What Children Play
  • What Do I Look Like
  • What Do We Need
  • What is Sound NO AUDIO
  • What Jasons Mom Didnt See
  • What Time Is It
  • Wheres Rex? (by Paul Shipton) - рассказ о динозавре.
  • Working at the Airport
  • Yes, You Can Kerry
  • Zoom! Zoom! (by Dorothy Spangler)

Список книг Grade 3

  • В уровне представлены книги адаптированной научной тематики
  • A Trip to the Ocean Floor
  • All About Energy
  • Amazing Colors
  • Amazing Plants
  • Catch the Sun!
  • Cooking With Machines
  • Could a Polar Bear Survive in the Desert
  • Earth - The Water Planet
  • High Tide
  • Invisible Pull - Electricity and Magnets
  • Its Electric
  • Jouney Into Earth
  • Learning About Heat, Light, and Sound
  • Living Things Are All Around Us NO AUDIO
  • Making Work Easier
  • Matter Is Everything!
  • Mischa Learns English NO AUDIO
  • Our Place in Space
  • Patterns - Do You See What I See
  • Protecting Resources
  • Smoky Mountain Mystery
  • The Changing Forms of Water NO AUDIO
  • The Wonderful World of Plants NO AUDIO
  • Thinking About Motion
  • Turtle Story
  • Types of Plants
  • Understanding the Food Chain NO AUDIO
  • What Is This
  • What Kind of Animal
  • What Makes It Move
  • Whats Heavy

Список книг Grade 4

Книги для чтения со средним уровнем владения английского языка (Pre-Intermediate)[list=]
  • Little Big Horns
  • Lost in the Sea of Grass
  • My Greatest Wish
  • North of the Rio Grande
  • Playing with Machines
  • Rancho La Brea
  • Tall Tales, Big Numbers
  • The Amazing One-of-a Kind Parrot
  • The Bird on the Beach
  • The Girl in the Photo
  • The Land of Little Water
  • The Rajas Elephants
  • The Return of the Wolf
  • Walking to Nebraska NO AUDIO
  • Where Theres Smoke, Theres Fire

Список книг Grade 5

  • A Drummers Dream NO AUDIO (by Kimberly Jackson)
  • Adventure at Kitty Hawk
  • Animal Growth and Heredity
  • Building a Government
  • Charge It! How Electricity Works
  • Classifying Living Things
  • Early Earth and Beyond
  • People in the Holy Land
  • Extreme U.S
  • Forces at Work
  • Fossils
  • Hindu Gods and Goddesses
  • New Technology in the Civil War
  • Organization Is the Key
  • Our Ancestors
  • Properties of Matter
  • Rest in Peace - Egyptian Tombs
  • Reusing Rocks
  • Sailing Ancient Seas
  • Sound and Light
  • Struggle for Independence
  • The Life of an Oak Tree
  • Tiptoes at the Top of the World
  • War Between the States
  • Yellowstone Geology at Work NO AUDIO

Список книг Grade 6

  • A Conversation About Life in the Ocean
  • A Message in Cybertime
  • An Interview with Otzi NO AUDIO
  • Ancient Stringed Instruments NO AUDIO
  • Around the World of Music
  • At Home in the Sea NO AUDIO
  • Bright Ideas
  • Building the Past
  • Bus Stop
  • Cave Painting to E-mail
  • Chuc Mung Nam Moi - Happy New Year!
  • Ecosystems
  • Energy
  • Flat or Round
  • Floodplain
  • Full Count
  • Girls to the Rescue
  • Greetings from Ancient Greece
  • How Rivers Shape the Land
  • How to Be Popular
  • Iron - A Gift from the Earth
  • Journey in Time - Conversations with Inventors
  • Making Mountains
  • Mine for a Song
  • My Trip to the Stone Age
  • Work and Simple Machines

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