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(Symphonic Progressive Rock) The Tangent + Andy Tillison - Дискография 2003-2013 (14 альбомов), MP3, 320 kbps

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The Tangent + Andy Tillison (With:Jonas Reingold,Jakko Jakkszyk,Gavin Harrison,Guy Manning) - Дискография 2003-2013 (14 альбомов)
Жанр: Symphonic Progressive Rock
Страна: Multi-National
Год издания: 2003-2013
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 19:19:59
Источник (релизер): Lossless
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да


2003-The Music That Died Alone (320 kbps) [44:41]

In Darkest Dreams
1. Prelude - Time for you (2:26)
2. Night terrors (3:26)
3. The midnight watershed (3:03)
4. In dark dreams (4:01)
5. The half-light watershed (1:16)
6. On returning (0:47)
7. A sax in the dark (1:13)
8. Night terrors reprise (3:37)
The Canterbury Sequence
9. Cantermemorabilia (3:19)
10. Chaos at the greasy spoon (3:01)
11. Captain Manning's mandolin (1:39)
12. Up Hill From Here (7:08)
The Music That Died Alone
13. A serenade (1:36)
14. Playing on (1:50)
15. Pre-history (2:36)
16. Reprise (3:43)

2004-The World That We Drive Through (320 kbps) [73:38]

1. The Winning Game (11:09)
2. Skipping The Distance (8:55)
3. Photosynthesis (7:39)
4. The World We Drive Through (12:57)
5. A Gap In The Night (18:22)
Bonus Edition Track:
6. Exponenzgesetz (14:00)

2006-A Place In The Queue (2CD) (320 kbps) [126:11]

1. In Earnest (20:03)
2. Lost In London (8:08)
3. DIY Surgery (2:16)
4. GPS Culture (10:07)
5. Follow Your Leaders ( 9:21)
6. The Sun In My Eyes (3:44)
7. A Place In The Queue (25:19)
1. Promises Were Made (7:26)
2. The First Day At School DEMO* (5:30)
3. Forsaken Cathedrals (4:54)
Part Two - Alternative Version
4. The Sun In My Eyes - Extended Mix (9:12)
Part Three - Instrumental Ambience
5. Grooving On Mars (LIVE at Karlsruhe Germany 2005) (6:16)
6. Kartoffelsalat Im Unterseeboot (13:37)

2008-Not As Good As The Book (2CD) (320 kbps) [94:34]

1. A Crises In Mid-Life (7:13)
2. Lost In London 25 Years Later (7:33)
3. The Ethernet (10:13)
4. Celebrity Purée (3:43)
5. Not As Good As The Book (8:54)
6. A Sale Of Two Souls (7:16)
7. Bat Out Of Basildon (5:54)
1. Four Egos, One War (21:15)
2. The Full Gamut (22:43)

2009-Down And Out In Paris And London (320 kbps) [64:30]

1. Where Are They Now? (19:10)
2. Paroxetine - 20mg (07:47)
3. Perdu Dans Paris (11:47)
4. The Company Car (06:23)
5. Everyman's Forgotten Monday (Bonus Track) (06:22)
6. Ethanol Hat Nail (Canterbury Sequence Vol. 2) (12:55)

2011-COMM (320 kbps) [67:51]

1. The Wiki Man (20:14)
- a. Prologue
- b. The Wiki Man
- c. Competition Watershed
- d. Edit Me Out
- e. Car Boot Sale
- f. The Wiki Man Reprise
2. The Mind's Eye (8:13)
3. Shoot Them Down (6:45)
4. Tech Support Guy (5:51)
5. Titanic Calls Carpathia (16:31)
- a. The Millpond
- b. Titanic Calls Carpathia
- c. Lovell Calls Houston
- d. A Lost Soul Calls Antares
- e. Fire In Our Fingers
- f. Earth Calling Anyone
Bonus tracks on limited edition:
6. The Spirit Of The Net
7. Fantasy Bootleg 'Watcher Of The Skies'

2013-Le Sacre du Travail (320 kbps) [72:30]

01. 1st movement: Coming Up On The Hour (Overture)
02. 2nd movement: Morning Journey & The Arrival
03. 3rd movement: Afternoon Malaise
04. 4th movement: A Voyage Through Rush Hour
05. 5th movement: Evening TV
06. Muffled Ephiphany
07. Hat (Live at Mexborough School 1979)
08. Evening TV (Radio Edit)


2005-Pyramids And Stars (320 kbps) [77:15]

1. The World That We Drive Through (14:46)
2. The Canterbury Sequence (9:15)
3. The Winning Game (12:15)
4. Band Introductions (1:29)
5. The Music That Died Alone (13:10)
6. In Darkest Dreams (20:39)
7. Lucky Man (5:40)

2007-Going Off On One (2CD) (320 kbps) [143:01]

1. GPS Culture
2. The Winning Game
3. In Earnest
4. Forsaken Cathedrals
6. The Music That Died Alone
7. Lost In London
1. In Darkest Dreams part 1
2. After Rubycon
3. In Darkest Dreams part 2
4. The World We Drive Through
5. Skipping The Distance
6. Fun With The Audience
7. 21st Century Schizoid Man
8. America

2011-Going Off On Two (2CD) (320 kbps) [119:21]

1. Where Are They Now? (20:38)
2. The Mind's Eye (8:15)
3. Perdu Dans Paris (10:47)
4. Paroxetine 20mg (7:15)
5. A Sale Of Two Souls (7:51)
6. GPS Culture (7:00)
7. The Music That Died Alone (7:51)
1. In Darkest Dreams (incl. After Phaedra) - Part (a,b,c)
2. Interview - Part (a,b,c,d,e)
3. Introduction

2012-London Or Paris, Berlin Or Southend On Sea (320 kbps) [94:18]

01 - The World That We Drive Through
02 - A Crisis In Mid Life
03 - Perdu Dans Paris
04 - A Sale Of Two Souls
05 - Hide And Seek
06 - Titanic Calls Carpathia
07 - Where Are They Now
08 - GPS Culture

Official Singles, EPs, Fan Club & Promo

2010-A Place On The Shelf (320 kbps) [57:50]

1. Le Massacre du Printemps Part 1 (11:42)
2. Everyman's Forgotten Monday (05:09)
3. I Want To Be A Chick (4:32)
4. Live On The Air (21:41)
5. Le Massacre du Printemps Part 2 (14:43)

Andy Tillison

2007- Diskdrive - Fog (320 kbps) [57:03]

01 - Nebel - I. Dense Macabre
02 - Nebel - II. Visibility Threshold
03 - Nebel - III. Slink
04 - Nebel - IV. Dandelion Clock
05 - Ersatzgebäude
06 - Abendspaziergangamrhein

2011-Diskdrive - Murk (320 kbps) [63:13]

01 - Axis Bold as Fish
02 - Energize
03 - Mysterious Swamp
04 - Luft

Об исполнителе (группе)

Об альбоме (сборнике)

The Tangent biography
THE TANGENT is a project originally formed by Andy Tillison, Guy Manning and Sam Baine of PARALLEL OR 90 DEGREES [Po90] as well as half of THE FLOWER KINGS including Jonas Reingold, Zoltan Csorsz and guitar virtuoso and former KAIPA member Roine Stolt. Of course to put further icing on the cake David Jackson of VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR would lend his legendary sax to the band for their debut album. This started out as a mere project and was actually intended to be a Tillison solo effort before it became a full fledged band as Tillison felt the need to produce something more typically 'prog' than he'd been doing in Po90. Of course it has to be noted that this really is Andy Tillison's affair since over the years the entire roster (spare Tillison and Manning) has been changed due to many different circumstances, which has really not affected the supergroup as many would expect. Often asked about his changing line up, Tillison responds by saying that it's all part of a prog band's life and fans of the genre know all about line-up changes by now. THE TANGENT is quite a dynamic band in terms of line up even now as they recruit several members of BEARDFISH onto their team, having been impressed by them on the "Not As Good As The Book" tour. This does make for a very dynamic sound which leaves the band with a fresh angle for each album. Often touted as a 'retro' band thanks to their old school sound, the band does have a very 'classic' prog feel to them with Tillison's prominent synths. THE TANGENT has often been compared to YES and KING CRIMSON in style because of the mixture of Light and Dark with Stolt and Tillison (respectively) at the helm of the project. Highly melodic and very inclined to write sprawling epics THE TANGENT should satisfy the tastes of any prog listener who wants to go back to the roots of the genre while maintaining a contemporary message and feel.
Their music is often cynical as Tillison has often been seen as 'the dark horse' of the modern progressive scene, his lyrics often poking fun at modern music and tendencies as shown in every one of their albums, but especially "The Music That Died Alone" and their newest effort to date, "Not As Good As The Book", which is a largely sarcastic and cynical look at the world that turned out to be not as good as we thought it would be. heir second effort, "The World That We Drive Through" continued the band's approach as on their first one but without the help of David Jackson on the sax. The first two albums can easily be seen to work in connection with each other even in naming conventions and the similar, striking artwork that graces both albums. If there's one thing that the second album did that really made it different from the first was establish that this was more than just a mere project, making cohesive suits (as opposed to split) and even changing their sound slightly, while keeping the general tone of the debut. "A Place In The Queue" remains a modern prog essential and proved that Tillison would be able to continue the band without the Flower King (Roine Stolt) on the roster.
This band is highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of THE FLOWER KINGS and anyone who wants to hear what's new in the prog scene. This is music by prog fans for prog fans as Tillison himself proves to be just as big as a prog freak as any of us would expect him to be and seems to know just how to quench the progressive thirst.


Line-up / Musicians
Andy Tillison – Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
Theo Travis – Saxes, Flutes & Clarinets
David Longdon – Vocals
Jakko Jakkszyk – Vocals & Guitars
Gavin Harrison – Drums
Jonas Reingold – Bass
Rikard Sjoblom - Narration
Guy Manning - Acoustic Guitar
Доп. информация:
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