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(Stoner/Space/Psychedelic Rock) My Sleeping Karma - Дискография 2006-2012 (4 релиза), MP3, 320 kbps

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My Sleeping Karma / Дискография
Жанр: Stoner/Space/Psychedelic Rock
Страна: Germany
Год издания: 2006-2012
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 03:30:45
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: в одном релизе
Официальный сайт

2006 - My Sleeping Karma [Elektrohasch Rec., Elektrohasch 120] (320 kbps) (00:44:14)

01. Intention (09:19)
02. 23 Enigma (06:43)
03. Hymn 72 (04:58)
04. Glow 11 (07:52)
05. Drannel Xu LIop (07:11)
06. Eightfold Path (08:11)

2008 - Satya [Elektrohasch Rec., Elektrohasch 126] (320 kbps) (00:58:34)

01. Ahimsa (05:12)
02. Interlude 1 (03:12)
03. Satya (07:51)
04. Interlude 2 (01:32)
05. A-Steya (07:14)
06. Interlude 3 (01:41)
07. Svaatanya (06:48)
08. Interlude 4 (01:15)
09. Brahmacharya (07:14)
10. Apangraha (06:48)
11. Interlude 5 (01:41)
12. Sandi (08:06)

2010 - Tri [Elektrohasch Rec., Elektrohasch 141] (320 kbps) (00:40:05)

01. Brahama (07:37)
02. Parvati (02:02)
03. Tamas (05:34)
04. Sattva (03:04)
05. Shiva (05:19)
06. Vishnu (02:18)
07. Lakshmi (06:09)
08. Rajas (01:58)
09. Sarasvati (06:04)

2012 - Soma [Napalm Rec., NPR 447 CD] (320 kbps) (01:07:52)

01. Pachyclada (08:43)
02. Interlude 1 (01:37)
03. Ephedra (07:10)
04. Interlude 2 (02:31)
05. Eleusine Coracana (07:37)
06. Interlude 3 (02:09)
07. Saumya (06:47)
08. Interlude 4 (01:15)
09. Somalatha (06:52)
10. Interlude 5 (02:15)
11. Psylocybe (08:04)
12. Interlude By Sheyk RAleph (03:28)
13. Glow 11 (Holzner & Kaleun Remix) (09:24)


Скриншот проверки качества материала

Об исполнителе (группе)

Karma is a term that comprises the entire cycle of cause and effect. Karma is a sum of all that an individual has done, is currently doing and will do. The effects of all deeds actively create past, present and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one's own life, and the pain in others. In religions that incorporate reincarnation, karma extends through one's present life and all past and future lives as well.??
The "Law of Karma" is central in Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, & Jainism. All living creatures are responsible for their karma - way of life - and for their release from samsara. As a term, it can be traced back to the early Upanishads.?The Law of Karma is taught in the esoteric Christian tradition, Essenian and later Rosicrucian, as the "Law of Cause and Consequence/Effect". However, this western esoteric tradition adds that the essence of the teachings of Christ is that the law of sin and death may be overcome by Love, which will restore immortality.
Karma is simply the golden rule: what you give out is what you receive - either in the same or in similar form. You reap what you sow - your actions create that which you do live out now, whether this relates to a past/future life situation or to the present date.
The process view of release from ego-consciousness through individual responsibility for the totality of action with its inherent karma can be contrasted with the soteriological view of mainstream denominations of Christianity: grace given by faith in the suffering, death and resurrection of a singular saviour.
Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates a significant impression by remaining silent.
My Sleeping Karma combines the organic aspect of psychedelic groove rock with emotional shades of aphasian landscapes. That was the inTention of the debut album and it still remains. Guitar, bass and drums in love with a soundboard. My Sleeping Karma's album "Satya" released september 20th on Elektrohasch Records. And time is the major keyword in the context of "Satya". The conditioned mind is always moving between the past and future, and this movement activity creates the illusion of time. Use your illusion and you will discover the voice within. My Sleeping Karma is enlightment.
Now is the time to take it to the next level. My Sleeping Karma's new album "Tri" is out now on Elektrohasch Records. Experience "Tri" live in europe when My Sleeping Karma supports Brant Bjork from 26th of march 'til 14th of april.


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