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Joseph Lowery | CSS: Transitions and Transforms [En] [2012] PCRec

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-Joseph Lowery | CSS: Transitions and Transforms [En] [2012] PCRec- Автор (режиссер): Joseph Lowery
Название: CSS: Transitions and Transforms
Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: Вэб
Язык: Анлиский
Качество видео: PCRec
Продолжительность: 02:25
Видеокодек: H.264
Битрейт видео: ~2,53mb/s 15FPS
Размер кадра: 960 x 540
Аудиокодек: AAC
Битрейт аудио: 128 kb/s
Видеоурок посвящен основам транзиций и трансформаций в CSS. Прилагаются также файлы упражнений - "Ex_Files_CSS_Trans_Depth V413HAV". With robust and ever-increasing browser support, it is now possible to take advantage of expressive CSS3 capabilities across modern browsers. In this course, Joseph Lowery explores the possibilities of the new coding options, which animate well over 50 different properties automatically or interactively, and how they open the door to enhanced user experiences. This course covers the range from simple to complex transitions, including 2D and 3D transforms, and illustrates how transitions are expedited in various web authoring tools, as well as Dreamweaver. The course also contains a start-to-finish interactive slideshow project that allows you to practice and see the transitions and transforms immediately in action.
Topics include:
Understanding transition basics
Working with 2D and 3D transforms
Animating color changes
Fading objects
Changing the size of page elements and fonts
Transitioning multiple properties at the same time
Understanding keyframes and animations
Working in the z-index
Adding JavaScript interactivity
Crafting transitions in Dreamweaver

Дополнительная информация:

Introduction2m 18s
Welcome 1m 8s
About the exercise files 1m 10s
1. Understanding CSS Transitions and Transforms20m 40s
Transition basics 3m 47s
Exploring transition options 4m 12s
2D transform fundamentals 4m 36s
Coding 3D transitions 5m 17s
Enhancing (and not degrading) the user experience 2m 48s
2. Simple 2D Transitions and Transforms31m 8s
Animating color changes 7m 14s
Fading objects in and out 5m 24s
Growing page elements 6m 51s
Automatically spinning logos 8m 15s
Adjusting font sizes 3m 24s
3. Advanced 2D Transitions18m 27s
Transitioning multiple properties 8m 55s
Understanding keyframes and animations 2m 15s
Animating smooth color transitions 7m 17s
4. Enhanced 3D Transitions and Transforms32m 25s
Working in the z-index 6m 19s
Flipping cards in 3D 9m 39s
Creating an image cube 9m 43s
Animating the image cube 6m 44s
5. Project: Creating a Custom Slide Carousel23m 47s
What we're going to build 3m 26s
Setting up the HTML 4m 22s
Adding JavaScript interactivity 7m 22s
Transitioning the images with CSS 8m 37s
6. CSS Transitions and Transforms in Tools16m 14s
Exploring online transition and transform tools 7m 0s
Crafting transitions in Dreamweaver 9m 14s
Next steps 18s

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