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Use R! - Boehmke B. - Data Wrangling with R [2016, PDF, ENG]

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Data Wrangling with R
Год издания: 2016
Автор: Boehmke B.
Издательство: Springer
ISBN: 978-3319455983
Серия: Use R!
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 238
Описание: This guide for practicing statisticians, data scientists, and R users and programmers will teach the essentials of preprocessing: data leveraging the R programming language to easily and quickly turn noisy data into usable pieces of information. Data wrangling, which is also commonly referred to as data munging, transformation, manipulation, janitor work, etc., can be a painstakingly laborious process. Roughly 80% of data analysis is spent on cleaning and preparing data; however, being a prerequisite to the rest of the data analysis workflow (visualization, analysis, reporting), it is essential that one become fluent and efficient in data wrangling techniques.
This book will guide the user through the data wrangling process via a step-by-step tutorial approach and provide a solid foundation for working with data in R. The author's goal is to teach the user how to easily wrangle data in order to spend more time on understanding the content of the data. By the end of the book, the user will have learned:
- How to work with different types of data such as numerics, characters, regular expressions, factors, and dates
- The difference between different data structures and how to create, add additional components to, and subset each data structure
- How to acquire and parse data from locations previously inaccessible
- How to develop functions and use loop control structures to reduce code redundancy
- How to use pipe operators to simplify code and make it more readable
- How to reshape the layout of data and manipulate, summarize, and join data sets

Примеры страниц


Table of contents
The Role of Data Wrangling
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 3-5
Introduction to R
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 7-9
The Basics
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 11-27
Dealing with Numbers
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 31-40
Dealing with Character Strings
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 41-54
Dealing with Regular Expressions
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 55-66
Dealing with Factors
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 67-69
Dealing with Dates
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 71-78
Data Structure Basics
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 81-83
Managing Vectors
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 85-90
Managing Lists
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 91-97
Managing Matrices
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 99-104
Managing Data Frames
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 105-112
Dealing with Missing Values
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 113-116
Importing Data
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 119-128
Scraping Data
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 129-162
Exporting Data
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 163-169
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 173-181
Loop Control Statements
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 183-197
Simplify Your Code with %>%
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 199-207
Reshaping Your Data with
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 211-218
Transforming Your Data with
Boehmke, Bradley C.
Pages 219-232
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