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Oscar Merida - Web Security 2016 From php[architect] Magazine [2016, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, ENG]

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Web Security 2016 From php[architect] Magazine
Год издания: 2016
Автор: Oscar Merida
Издательство: [php]architect
  • print: 978-1-940111-41-4
  • PDF: 978-1-940111-42-1
  • epub: 978-1-940111-43-8
  • mobi: 978-1-940111-44-5
    Язык: Английский
    Формат: PDF, EPUB, MOBI
    Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
    Интерактивное оглавление: Да
    Are you keeping up with modern security practices? This anthology collects articles rst published in php[architect] magazine. Each one touches on a security topic to help you harden and secure your PHP and web applications. Your users’ information is important, make sure you’re treating it with care.
    This anthology includes:
  • An overview of the attacks you should be familiar with and how to protect against exploits.
  • Using a PHP-based Intrusion Detection System to monitor and reject requests that attempt to breach your site.
  • How to protect against SQL Injection from user-supplied data by using prepared statements.
  • A case study in how the Drupal security team keeps core and contributed modules safe.
  • How to securely store passwords and understanding the techniques used to crack credentials.
  • Using OAuth 2.0 to connect to web services and fetch information for your users without asking for a password.
  • How web service security di ers from traditional web application security and advice for e ectively protecting one from malicious users.
  • Identifying the right kind of cryptography to implement in your application and doing it correctly.

Примеры страниц


Chapter 1. Is Your Website Secure from Hackers?
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Database Interaction
  • Files and Resources
  • CMS, Framework, and Other Components
  • Final Note
  • Additional resources
    Chapter 2. Basic Intrusion Detection with Expose
  • What Is an IDS and Why You Should Use One
  • Advantages, Limitations, and Disadvantages of Expose
  • Expose Installation Run Through
  • Logging, Alerting, and Thresholds
  • Next Steps
  • Conclusion
    Chapter 3. DeLoreans, Data, and Hacking Sites
  • Introduction
  • What Is SQLi?
  • Identifying Potential SQL Injection
  • “Hacking” Your Own Sites
  • Prepared Statements
  • Conclusion
    Chapter 4. Drupal Security: How Open Source Strengths Manage Software Vulnerabilities
  • Drupal 8
  • Keeping a Drupal Site Secure
  • Drupal Security Team
  • Software Vulnerabilities
  • Reporting a Drupal Security Issue
  • Handling Drupal Security Issues
  • Security Advisory
  • The Drupal Security Team Welcomes New Members
  • Open Source
    Chapter 5. Mastering OAuth 2.0
  • Let’s Jump In
  • Preparing for OAuth
  • Integrating with Instagram
  • A Brief History of Web Authorization
  • What is OAuth 2.0?
  • Toward a More Secure Web
    Chapter 6. Keep Your Passwords Hashed and Salted
  • Introduction
  • Rule One: No Plain Text
  • What is Hashing?
  • How to Use Hashes
  • Techniques Crackers Employ to Break Hashes
  • Salting Passwords
  • Use Proper Salt
  • Hashing Algorithms
  • Better Algorithms
  • Hashing in PHP
  • Password-Related Functions in Modern PHP
  • Summary
    Chapter 7. Learn from the Enemy: Securing Your Web Services, Part One
  • It Happens
  • Web Services are Different
  • Learn from the Master
  • Looking Forward
  • Additional Reading
    Chapter 8. Security Architecture: Securing your Web Services, Part Two
  • Web Service Security
  • Your Security Architecture
  • Security Implementation
    Chapter 9. Implementing Cryptography
  • Use the Encryption Library
  • Randomness
  • Using Randomness
  • The Session Token
  • Encrypting and Decrypting a String
  • Involving Experts
  • Additional Reading
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