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Kurt Guntheroth - Optimized C++: Proven Techniques for Heightened Performance [2016, PDF/EPUB, ENG]

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Optimized C++: Proven Techniques for Heightened Performance
Год издания: 2016
Автор: Kurt Guntheroth
Жанр или тематика: Программирование
Издательство: O'Reilly Media
ISBN: 978-1491922064
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF/EPUB
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 388
Описание: In today’s fast and competitive world, a program’s performance is just as important to customers as the features it provides. This practical guide teaches developers performance-tuning principles that enable optimization in C++. You’ll learn how to make code that already embodies best practices of C++ design run faster and consume fewer resources on any computer—whether it’s a watch, phone, workstation, supercomputer, or globe-spanning network of servers.
Author Kurt Guntheroth provides several running examples that demonstrate how to apply these principles incrementally to improve existing code so it meets customer requirements for responsiveness and throughput. The advice in this book will prove itself the first time you hear a colleague exclaim, “Wow, that was fast. Who fixed something?”
- Locate performance hot spots using the profiler and software timers
- Learn to perform repeatable experiments to measure performance of code changes
- Optimize use of dynamically allocated variables
- Improve performance of hot loops and functions
- Speed up string handling functions
- Recognize efficient algorithms and optimization patterns
- Learn the strengths—and weaknesses—of C++ container classes
- View searching and sorting through an optimizer’s eye
- Make efficient use of C++ streaming I/O functions
- Use C++ thread-based concurrency features effectively

Примеры страниц


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 An Overview of Optimization
Optimization Is Part of Software Development
Optimization Is Effective
It’s OK to Optimize
A Nanosecond Here, a Nanosecond There
Summary of Strategies for Optimizing C++ Code
Chapter 2 Computer Behavior Affecting Optimization
Lies C++ Believes About Computers
The Truth About Computers
C++ Tells Lies Too
Chapter 3 Measure Performance
The Optimizing Mindset
Perform Experiments
Profile Program Execution
Time Long-Running Code
Estimate Code Cost to Find Hot Code
Other Ways to Find Hot Spots
Chapter 4 Optimize String Use: A Case Study
Why Strings Are a Problem
First Attempt at Optimizing Strings
Second Attempt at Optimizing Strings
Eliminate String Conversion
Chapter 5 Optimize Algorithms
Time Cost of Algorithms
Toolkit to Optimize Searching and Sorting
Efficient Search Algorithms
Efficient Sort Algorithms
Optimization Patterns
Chapter 6 Optimize Dynamically Allocated Variables
C++ Variables Refresher
C++ Dynamic Variable API Refresher
Reduce Use of Dynamic Variables
Reduce Reallocation of Dynamic Variables
Eliminate Unneeded Copying
Implement Move Semantics
Flatten Data Structures
Chapter 7 Optimize Hot Statements
Remove Code from Loops
Remove Code from Functions
Optimize Expressions
Optimize Control Flow Idioms
Chapter 8 Use Better Libraries
Optimize Standard Library Use
Optimize Existing Libraries
Design Optimized Libraries
Chapter 9 Optimize Searching and Sorting
Key/Value Tables Using std::map and std::string
Toolkit to Improve Search Performance
Optimize Search Using std::map
Optimize Search Using the Header
Optimize Search in Hashed Key/Value Tables
Stepanov’s Abstraction Penalty
Optimize Sorting with the C++ Standard Library
Chapter 10 Optimize Data Structures
Get to Know the Standard Library Containers
std::vector and std::string
std::map and std::multimap
std::set and std::multiset
std::unordered_map and std::unordered_multimap
Other Data Structures
Chapter 11 Optimize I/O
A Recipe for Reading Files
Writing Files
Reading from std::cin and Writing to std::cout
Chapter 12 Optimize Concurrency
Concurrency Refresher
C++ Concurrency Facilities Refresher
Optimize Threaded C++ Programs
Make Synchronization More Efficient
Concurrency Libraries
Chapter 13 Optimize Memory Management
C++ Memory Management API Refresher
High-Performance Memory Managers
Provide Class-Specific Memory Managers
Provide Custom Standard Library Allocators
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