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(electrinic/ experimental/ psychodelic) Hot Sugar - Discography - 2011-2015, MP3, 128-320 kbps

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Hot Sugar / Discography
Жанр: electrinic/ experimental/ psychodelic
Страна исполнителя (группы): USA
Год издания: 2011-2015
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 128-320 kbps
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет

2011 - Muscle Milk

2.The Seagull
3.Not Tonight
5.Color Wars feat. Aaron Livingston
6.Mi Corazon
7.Don't Cut Down My Tree
8.Motorcycle Man
9.Fuckable feat. Baghdaddy

2012 - Moon Money

1.There's a Man Waiting At the Bottom of the Stairs
2.The kid who drowned at summer camp
4.Everybody's Parents Will Die
5.The Girl Who Stole My Tamagotchi
7.Coconut Powder
8.The Choking Game

2013 - Just You Wait til Your Father Gets Home

1.Just You Wait til Your Father Gets Home

2013 - Made Man EP

1.Erica (feat. The GTW)
2.Mama, Im a Man (feat. Antwon + Lakutis + Big Baby Gandhi)
3.-In & Out- (feat. KOOL AD)
4.Dripping Dimes (feat. Ne$$ + Nasty Nigel + Chippy Nonstop)
5.Zanny Bath (feat. Bill Ding)
6.Blessed (feat. Big Baby Gandhi)
7.Born 2 (feat. Heems)
8.Watermelon (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
9.Future Primitive Art School (feat. KOOL AD + Big Baby Gandhi)
10.56k (feat. Big Baby Gandhi + Nasty Nigel + Lansky + Antwon + Chippy Nonstop + Lakutis + DVS + Kitty + Weekend $)

2013 - MiDi Murder EP

1.56K feat. Heems
2.Leverage feat. Kool A.D. + Fat Tony + Lakutis + Nasty Nigel
3.Steady Movin feat. 100s + Shady Blaze
4.Rat City feat. Big Baby Gandhi + Nasty Nigel + YC The Cynic
5.Honeycomb Hideout feat. Aaron Livingston + Izza Kizza
6.NO JOKE feat. Antwon + Chippy Nonstop + Himself the Majestic
7.I Dont Wanna B Judged feat. Haleek Maul

2013 - Seductive Nightmares 1

1.The German adult VHS I found in the hotel room when I was 14
3.Beverly Hills Vampire
4.Divine Emanuelle
5.Spiritual Singers - Jean 3:16 (Hot Sugar Edit)
6.Seductive Interlude 1
8.T‐Pain - Regular Girl (Hot Sugar edit)
10.Suzanne Ciani - Birth of Venus (Hot Sugar Edit)
11.Seductive Interlude 2
12.The body of your enemy will float by
13.Dont Talk 2 Strangers feat. Dio + Big Baby Gandhi
14.Vincent Gallo - Was

2014 - Seductive Nightmares 2

1.Moonlight Sonata
2.A widow with nice perfume
4.The Garden of Earthly Delights
5.Your Nails Look So Pretty (Demo)
6.The dead guy I found frozen behind Westcoast Video
7.Jeanette - Escucha (Hot Sugar remix)
8.Seductive Interlude 1
9.The scene from Swedish Love Story where the kid rides back 4 his girl on his little…
10.Assassination Plots .feat. Antwon + Andre Martel
11.OG Van B•Boys feat. Hot Sugar
12.Hiking in an Undiscovered Forest on Another Planet feat. SNCKPCK
13.Dark Angel (demo)
14.Theme to "On My Way To Steal Your Girl"
15.No one ever asked to be born (demo)
16.Black Lipstick
17.Seductive Interlude 2
18.AudioOpera - Merlin
19.They said I'm not allowed to hang out there
20.Nancy Leticia - étude no.2
21.H3X3N - Fire (Hot Sugar edit)
22.Seductive Interlude 3
23.Bill's Funeral
24.The forest nymph that lives behind the school (demo)
25.The time I poisoned my teacher's donut
26.your nails look so pretty (single)
27.The forest nymph that lives behind the school (single)

2014 - Skeletons

01. Already did that
02. Cactus
03. 10 Racks under the mattress
04. Dial-up
05. Barbie Jeep
06. EXT. Nighttime - guy stands on an overpass
07. Heemy's Niece
08. Double Cheese
09. Drunk Driving
10. Fuck Up Wallstreet
11. I dont wanna b judged
12. Last X-Mas
13. Nostrand (feat. Baghdaddy)
14. Lightning strike me down
15. Moonshine
16. Oxy OD
17. Slow-mo Helicopters
18. Rat God
19. Sarah Michelle Gellar
20. Pina Colada Jellybean
21. Nyquil
22. Soft Skin
23. Requiem to Saving a girl's life
24. There are way more bugs than people
25. Tragic Bonds (feat. Space Jesus)
26. They
27. Wet Girls
28. Trapper Keeper (feat. Baghdaddy)
29. So High
30. The building that crumbled
31. Video Vixens
32. Zanny Bath
33. Hot 97 (feat. Big Baby Gandhi)

2015 - God's Hand

2.Raining Blood
5.Beer Cans & Bubblegum
7.The Child They Left Behind
8.o What Thou Wilt
9....And The Walls Came Tumbling Down
11.Not Afraid to Die
14.Dead Inside
15.No One Will Know Where I Went'll see them in your sleep
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