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(Experimental / Ambient / Noise / Collage) WOMBA (Тихон Кубов/Won James Won/Goon Gun/I.F.K. (IFK)) - Дискография / Discography - 1989 - 2015, MP3, 320 kbps

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WOMBA - Discography
Жанр: Experimental / Ambient / Noise / Sound Collage
Страна: Россия (R.A.I.G.)
Год издания: 1989 - 2015
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 8:07:26
Сольные проекты участников коллектива Won James Won. К 2004 году, когда был готов альбом "Tol's Toy" (Won James Won) Тихон и Даниил выпустили по своему собственному компакт-диску. Оформление этих альбомов было выдержано в стилистике альбома "Tol's Toy". Сходство 3-х этих собраний сочинений лишь внешне. WOMBA, в отличии от MUX, имеет продолжение в виде "Evidence Of Letta" и "Montagna Futura".

2004 - 27-й бакинский комиссар / The 27th Baku Comissar (CBR 320)

01 - Пустыня бесчестия
02 - Менструирующий телепузик
03 - Космопорт ''Вечность''
04 - Роза для ветеранов
05 - Из юдолей скорбей
06 - Datura Disco
07 - Ежедневник Зои
08 - Zarin The Ink Emperor пугает Нагико
09 - Зима на планете Versake
10 - Зима на планете Versake
11 - Зима на планете Versake
12 - Зима на планете Versake
13 - Зима на планете Versake
14 - Зима на планете Versake
15 - Зима на планете Versake
16 - Зима на планете Versake
17 - Зима на планете Versake
18 - Зима на планете Versake
19 - Зима на планете Versake
20 - Танцы элементарных частиц
21 - Танцы элементарных частиц
22 - Танцы элементарных частиц
23 - Танцы элементарных частиц
24 - Танцы элементарных частиц
25 - Танцы элементарных частиц
26 - Исповедь Холдена Компсона
27 - Последне одиночество
Total time - 1:11:59
"Loaded with mega acid-trip electro psych genre-mash... a blast of brutal mutant electronica and weird genre splicing as it drifts from fuzzy, glitched out minimalist synthesizer drones to weird lopsided beats accomapnied by ferocious Russian ranting, to crushing digital blastbeats and somber piano lines. Womba uses alot of vocal cutup, samples, and drunk cheerleader rants to add a thick veneer of paranoia to everything, and the album gradually takes on a hypnotic, trance inducing vibe as you're relentlessly hammered with their noisy electronic collage and nightmarish voices. But then Womba takes another left turn with brief passages of woozy indie-pop, sloppy disembodied proto-metal riffing, ambient post-rock, and other unexpected weirdness before shifting back to their bizarre nightmare electronica. We're reminded of a much weirder, much more textured take on the loop heavy scum-psych-trance of Dead Husbands... Political techno-noisecore-cheersquad-industrial-deathfunk-pop cutup? This is pretty difficult to describe, but it rules. Way recommended to fans of aggro mutant electronica and superweird post-rock forms. Like the other R.A.I.G. CDs The 27th Baku Commissar is packaged in this really cool, very unqiue thick cardboard case with silkscreened, handassembled printing and cover art." Review by Crucial Blast (USA) (July 2006).
released 18 March 2004
Performed by Tikhon S Kubov
Recorded in June 2001 at BZDOK Studio, Moscow
Design by Zonder Zond
R.A.I.G. Release 005

2006 - Evidence Of Letta (CBR 320)

01 - Ulyssea
02 - Kopfhousent
03 - Aerch 389
04 - Sbroz
05 - Morozovka Kultzal
06 - Zukowka II-12
07 - Bakovka 1 ETR
08 - Eloziklethe
09 - Timmelpunkt
10 - Lesnye Dali korp l
11 - Vochako Zkeip
12 - Kultrup 4-3219
13 - Talsaa Hax
14 - Ravdaplot AGF
15 - Dmakiel
16 - FTAD katok
17 - Kiovskerwerk
18 - Podolskew R
19 - Viruu KUK
20 - Olympiktron Occhio
21 - Zkeip 001
22 - 57st Looftas
23 - Magmel
24 - Alessia
Total time - 1:14:42
"From the moment I saw the packaging for this latest release from Womba I just knew it was going to be something special. Call it a hunch if you like. The Russian Association of Independent Genres (RAIG) record label don't do things by half. This latest release from them comes enclosed in cardboard folder with a 6 page booklet attached. This booklet has some fascinating photo montages coupled with written passages from selective authors and sets the scene for what to expect musically. A madhouse of experimental cut-ups and avant-garde weirdness that sounds like an drug induced cartoon playing from the stereo. This form of music is normally very hard going and accessible to only the hardiest of souls. No-one though does the whole experimental thing quite like the Russians. His manipulation of sound and samples creates a musical panorama that delves into cinematic ambience and drone work whilst still retaining an unconventional slant over proceedings. By looping and cutting & pasting continually from a variety of sources his musical collages are beautifully created. The aural equivalent of a television flicking through 100's of channels over an electronic backdrop. If you can't grab that concept then imagine putting a whole load of old records onto an iPod. Then snatching random tracks at will from it and twisting and turning the sounds into ever convoluted shapes. Then adding crackles and fizz and assorted electronic noises/effects. The end result would sound similar to Evidence of Letta, but not as good because you're not Tikhon. The music works whether listened to from start to finish as a single piece or by randomly playing back the tracks in whatever order pleases. Playing the tracks randomly... letting the CD player make your choices for you... actually adds to the longevity of the recording by making it sound completely different time after time. To say Evidence of Letta is a strange recording is an understatement. Whilst it takes a softer approach to avant-garde/experimental music its appeal is very limited. Not everyone will fully appreciate the sheer unpredictability of the music generated. Those of you into the more obscure aspects of individual artistic licence will be enthralled by the carefully and skilfully crafted sounds that abound from Evidence of Letta and should make this your number one priority. Inquisitive souls searching for that -something different- are also most welcome to explore the inner workings of Tikhon's mind. Best I go and track down a copy of The 27th Baku Comissar before its too late." Review by ANM of Aural Pressure (UK) (September 2006).
released 08 July 2006
Performed by Tikhon S Kubov
Recorded in 2005-2006 at BZDOK Studio, Moscow
Design by Zonder Zond
R.A.I.G. Release 016

2012 - Montagna Futura (CBR 320)

01 - Panslawistischen Utopy Consortium
02 - Concrete Meadow
03 - Mural of the Scared
04 - Red Grass, Body Fragments, Warm Beer
05 - Five Barrels for the Outtakerc
06 - Clown Paper
07 - Oedipa in den Städten
08 - Sting Stigma 334
09 - Fellatio Palace
10 - Vanishing Down the Piranesi Shaft
11 - Aquataroutz (A Nondescript Samplephony in 3 Acts): a) Shlepp! b) Supporo? c) Shluppa!
12 - Taedium Vitae Champion
13 - Nullo & Millo
14 - Manna Noche
15 - Karateka Nebelferien
16 - Squirrel Rehab
17 - Magneto Skull
Total time - 1:19:24
“Montagna Futuro” is the 3rd album by Moscow-based experimental project WOMBA. It was conceived several years ago as “litersonic” homage to the cultural phenomena of the 1950s known as The Beat Generation movement (Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, and others). All fragments of this psyche-noise collage (17 tracks – 79 min.) correlate specific textual pieces which are codified within the package… There are 67 handcrafted sets (“Piece Goods” line by RAIG | ZonderZond). Each set is packaged in an oversized 6x6x6” cardboard box which includes 9 cubes of printed unbroken wood (1.85x1.85x1.85”) and a 40-page full-color manual (in English and Russian)… Available exclusively through RAIG's web-store (Shipping Weight: 0.95 pounds).
(from R.A.I.G. page)
released 25 May 2012
Composition, performance, cubical/manual text & lyrics by Tikhon S. Kubov, except 1 - lyrics/voice by Kowalczyk and 14 – lyrics/voice by Yakov Iskryzky-Gorestein. Macho bass pulsation in 12 by Chicka Deee.
Recorded at BZDOK studio, Moscow, April 1995 – March 2010
Mastered by DAN 271 at James Studio, St.Ptrbrsg, May 2012
Design Concept, Artwork & Art Direction by Zonder Zond
R.A.I.G. Release 067PG
«Quando ti accade di vedere il posto dove saresti salvo, sei sempre lì che lo guardi da fuori. Non ci sei mai dentro. E’ il tuo posto, ma tu non ci sei mai.»
Alessandro Baricco, «City», 1999
«Hazy blur of recollections or dreams transpire upon the page
Packaged tightly in a foregone cycle
Dread the filler conversations passing me by
Question motives what the hell am I doing?
No longer a lingering shadow waiting to be exposed
This is the way civilized people behave
Before the drugs and paranoid isolation
Shelter my eyes to some utopic tributary
Fully aware of the others unimpressed
Aspiring to conquer the past
Raised on shields and heralded by horn
A mirror my only judge, please only I can understand
Divine waters an illusion to polish weathered stone
Not a question any longer
That in my mind I feel truth
Absent, empty I will conquer & unite.»
MC Ghandi 3030, 2001

2012 - Triumph of the Village: Bat-Ass Archivator Zupamix, 1989-2005 (CBR 320)

01 - Zal Uppo
02 - Apres Elle le Deluge, part 2
03 - Caldera Juventud
04 - Slime Nerds Observe Planets
05 - June Jizm Jar
06 - Osamento de Topo-Orso
07 - Bathyscaphe «A Pal Utcai Fiuk», Room 36
08 - Lady Fliers Desapphorizer
09 - Million Pussies Laughing
10 - Sperm Samurai
11 - Rozy Dozen
12 - Three Months at the Bottom of Yauza
13 - The Surfing Corpse
14 - Share Off Hungary Delight
15 - Ornitarium of Sukhumi
16 - Hmmm 54503480980121234
17 - Apres Elle le Deluge, part 1
18 - Acuartelamiento
19 - Spaco Wako
20 - V-Glass Valley
21 - Mega Fest of Hardcore Idiots
22 - Night. How It Spoiled the Bird
23 - La Resistance Burger
24 - Horny Airhostessa
25 - Basement Cephalopod Harlot Left Her Left Red Shoe Here, OK?
26 - Comic Hooks Tore Me
27 - Boulevard Gomo-Erotik
28 - She Saw Souls of Eviscerated Journos Doing Impro Onstage
29 - Ivan Vladimirovich Digesting Politics, La Rambla 31.8.4
30 - Toilet Blood Sample Lost in the Furhouse
31 - Tiresias by the Foul Waters
32 - Zeroed Muk
33 - le Phare du bout du monde
Total time - 59:41
I wander thro' each charter'd street,
Near where the charter'd Thames does flow,
And mark in every face I meet
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.
In every cry of every Man,
In every Infant's cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forg'd manacles I hear.
William Blake, «London», 1794
released 28 August 2012
Sound environment megalomix cultivated/recorded/mixed by Sgt. Tikhon S. Kubov at BZDOK studio, Moscow, 1989 – 2005. Mastered by DAN 271 at James Studio, St.Ptr, March 2010
Cover and Little Black Book artwork by Vasilissia
Featuring: Монтажная планка "DANCO" с евровинтом – vocals (13) Erek II – vocals (15)
Russian Home-Fi Elvis thanks: Terminator 7020 TABK by Synsonics, Jul. Heinr., Zimmermann P 746 Pianola, Shure SM 48S 27A2591(KK), Hitachi DCSCS TRK-W540W, ЛЕЛЬ Ц3 0.294.001.ТУ, Сasiotone MT-240 T-200239, SONY CH-dCS FH-808R 3008110, RFT V.M.M.R 221Q28.
(c) & (p) ZveZdaZ 2012

2013 - Hangarzm 18 (CBR 320)

01 - Bowelian Rhapsody (in 13 Movements)
02 - Микробрат Мой
Total time - 35:54
«Ну разумеется: только она, старомодная и маловразумительная Ифика, и могла запереть меня вместе со всеми этими никак не нужными мне людьми внутри какого-то манежа».
Сигизмунд Кржижановский, «Автобиография трупа», 1925
«- Робот! - выкрикнул ей Смирнов и закрыл дверь».
Глеб Соколов "Ужасы перистальтики", 2009
"The Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club? That's where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees, right?”
Bill Clinton, 2007
released 31 December 2013
1 – Performed live at Arbor House, Moscow by Tikhon S. Kubov and Daniel 271 Smirnov, 22/12/13. Engineered and recorded by Prof. Eugene Lastochkin
2 – Recorded and mixed at BZDOK Studio, Moscow by Kubov, Dec’12/Dec’13.
Mastered by Dan 271 at James Studio, SPB, Dec'13
(c) & (p) ZveZdaZ 2013

2014 - Unmensch Kameraum (CBR 320)

01 - Zezo
02 - Uwob
03 - Drak
04 - Viar
05 - Fuft
06 - Xekz
Total time - 1:40:15
Er fährt, als sei er ein dunkler Pygmalion, mit der sachkundigen Hand probend über jene Stellen, an de¬nen er dräuende, schwarze Wolken zu malen gedenkt, grausige Kraken, die aus den Wellentälern auftauchen.
Christian Kracht, “Imperium”, 2012
»Bitte nachspülen«, forderte der Zahnarzt sie auf, als er mit der Füllung fertig war. Im gleichen Augenblick heulten die Sirenen. In der Nähe krachten die ersten Bomben. …Detonierende Flakgranaten klangen wie mit Blechfolien erzeugter Theaterdonner.
Pierre Frei, “Onkel Toms Hütte, Berlin”, 2003
Was ist Glück?
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, “Der Antichrist”, 1888
released 31 December 2014
Konstrukted by Tikhon S. Kubov at BZDOK Studio, Mos-Сow, November-December 2014
Mastered by Dan 271 Smirnov at James Studio, St.-Peters-Burger, December 2014


WOMBA vs Livsvärlden (feat. Filipp Rukaf) 9-1-15 - Umensch Kameraum kuishi katika Arbor
Total time - 1:04:54
UPD 2012.08.11 Добавлен ''Montagna Futura'' (2012)
UPD 2012.08.28 Добавлен ''Triumph of the Village: Bat - Ass Archivator Zupamix, 1989-2005'' (2012)
UPD 2015.01.06 Добавлен "Unmensch Kameraum" (2014)
UPD 2015.02.22 Добавлен "Hangarzm 18" (2013) и бутлег из Арбора
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