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TTC - America and the New Global Economy / Америка и новая глобальная экономика [Timothy Taylor, 96 kbps]

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TTC - America and the New Global Economy
Америка и новая глобальная экономика

Автор: Timothy Taylor / Тимоти Тэйлор
Исполнитель: Timothy Taylor / Тимоти Тэйлор
Жанр: Education / Образование
Издательство: The Teaching Company
Язык: English / Английский
Тип: аудиокнига
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 96 kbps
Курс лекций о экономике мира за последние 50 лет.-От себя: Слушается очень легко, уровень знаний для понимания - минимальный.-Оригинальное описание:
This riveting 36-lecture course takes you beyond the economy of the United States and reveals the recent history of economies in Asian countries, including Japan, India, and China, as well as in other regions. Journey with veteran Teaching Company Professor Timothy Taylor of Macalester College through the last 50 years of world economic history, explore international perspectives on the new global economy, and develop a richer understanding of our increasingly interconnected world.-

Курс из 36 лекций от 30 до 45 минут.

1. The World Economy since 1950
2. The U.S. in the World Economy—1960 to 1995
3. The U.S. Economy Resurgent?
4. Europe—From Catch-Up to Jobless Growth
5. The Single European Market
6. The Rise of the Euro
7. The Economy of the Soviet Union
8. Transitions from Communism to Markets
9. Japan's Economic Miracle
10. When Japan's Bubble Economy Burst
11. Government versus Market in East Asia
12. East Asia's Tigers—Restore the Roar?
13. China's Gradualist Economic Reforms
14. China's Challenges for Continued Growth
15. India and the License Raj
16. India's Turn toward Market Economics
17. Inherited Institutions in the Middle East
18. The Curse of Oil Wealth in the Middle East
19. Africa's Geography and History
20. Time for Optimism on Africa?
21. Latin America and Import Substitution
22. Markets or Populism in Latin America?
23. Globalization in Goods and Services
24. Globalization of Capital Flows
25. The Foreign Exchange Market
26. Migration—Senders and Recipients
27. Global Population Growth
28. World Poverty—Growth or Redistribution?
29. Global Food Markets—The Supply-Demand Race
30. An Urbanizing World
31. Women in the Global Economy
32. Improving Governance, Fighting Corruption
33. Foreign Aid—Promises and Limits
34. The Multilaterals—World Bank, IMF, WTO
35. The Economics of Global Climate Change
36. Globalization and Convergence
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