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[иврит] בשביס-זינגר יצחק / Баше́вис-Зи́нгер Исаа́к (И́цхок, А́йзек) - שושה / Шоша [любительское, 1978 г., MP3, 128 kb

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שושה / Шоша
Фамилия автора на языке аудиокниги: בשביס-זינגר
Имя автора на языке аудиокниги: יצחק
Фамилия автора на русском языке: Баше́вис-Зи́нгер
Имя автора на русском языке: Исаа́к (И́цхок, А́йзек)
Исполнитель на языке аудиокниги: любительское
Год выпуска: 1978 г.
Язык: he
Жанр: роман
Издательство: Libris
Время звучания: 02:35:18
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 128 kbps
Описание: Роман повествует о событиях времен Второй Мировой Войны в Польше о судьбе еврейского населения, преследуемого нацистами.
Shosha is a novel originally written in Yiddish by Nobel Prize winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer. It is about the aspiring author Aaron Greidinger who lives in the Hasidic quarter of the Jewish neighborhood of Warsaw during the 1930s.
"I was an anachronism in every way, but I didn't know it, just as I didn't know that my friendship with Shosha [..] had anything to do with love."
Aaron had many love affairs with women, but the only woman he truly loved was Shosha, his childhood friend. Shosha was struck by a sleeping disease and had since barely grown physically and was mentally retarded. Aaron lived his childhood on 10 Krochmalna Street, and lost the sight of her as he moved away and she moved from no. 10 to no. 7.
Hitler is in power in Germany and is set to annihilate the Jews in Poland while in Russia, Stalin rules with his deadly terror, so the only voluntary exit that many of the characters in Shosha perceive for themselves is suicide. Although Aaron is offered the opportunity to leave the threat of death — as others, from Hassidics to Hedonists, do — he turns down the chance to escape, for his love for Shosha and chooses to stay in Poland. Death is the cloud that hangs over the characters in Shosha. As writer whose main medium is language, the book opens by explaining that Aaron was brought up on three dead languages: Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish.
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