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RimWorld v.0.2.363 (Ludeon Studios) (2013, Strategy, Simulator, Survival, Top-down, ENG) [Repack] от unique.

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- Общая информация:-
  • Год выпуска: 16 октября 2013
  • Жанр: Strategy, Simulator, Survival, Top-down
  • Разработчик: Tynan Sylvester
  • Издательство: Ludeon Studios
  • Версия игры: 0.2.363 (Alpha 2 - Cannibal Modders) (26 февраля 2014)
  • Тип издания: Репак
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Язык озвучки: Отсутствует
  • Таблетка: Не требуется
-Системные требования:-
  • Операционная система: WinXP, Win Vista, Win7
  • Процессор: DualCore 2 ГГц
  • Оперативная память: 1 Гб
  • Видеокарта: 256 Мб
  • Свободное место на жёстком диске: 58 Мб
-Описание:-RimWorld инди симулятор разрабатываемый студией Ludeon. В котором игроку предстоит построить колонию на неизвестной планете, имея в распоряжении немного ресурсов и трёх выживших пассажиров погибшего космического лайнера. Автор черпал вдохновение в проектах вроде Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect, FTL, Firefly, Dune. Особенностью игры является случайно генерируемые карты и тактическая боевая часть, вдохновленная игрой Jagged Alliance 2.-Особенности игры:-

Особенности игры

  • События в игре управляются скриптом AI Storyteller, который сам решает, с какими проблемами предстоит столкнуться игроку.
  • Строительство помещений в горной породе.
  • Жизненно важно добывать провиант и ресурсы
  • Торговля материалами, продуктами, рабами.
  • Отражение атак пиратов и других выживших, с возможностью взять в плен с целью пыток, либо последующего присоединения.
  • Погодные эффекты, активно влияющие на игровой процесс.
  • Ну и конечно же, милейшая форма каннибализма.
-Доп. информация:-

Особенности репака

  • Репак от unique.
  • Ничего не вырезано \ не перекодировано.


0.2.363 (26 февраля 2014) (Alpha 2 - Cannibal Modders)

-Bug Fixes-Extensive refactoring and bugfixing.
Tons of bugfixes-Changes-Started some heavy refactoring of how different items fill different slots in a square.
Added an options menu button to open your saves folder (nobody can find the damn thing).
Added an options menu button to reset the adaptive tutor.
Mac version now places Mods folder inside the app package to make the install cleaner.
Cleanup and optimization: TargetPacks and DamageInfo are now structs for better GC performance. Made system to save TargetPacks when they refer to Things. Various other.
Restructured how map section meshes are rebuilt to eliminate the in-between step that allocated large amounts of data. Now things print directly onto the mesh’s working data, which is a major optimization. Code is cleaner now too.
Ridiculously huge performance improvements across the board due to simple rewriting of old perf-blind code. For example, we no longer draw the whole map every frame(!) - and tons of others.
Trader kinds (farm vessel, slave trader) etc are now in XML and moddable.
For modding, I cleaned up the load sequence so it loads every definition in the game and all mods before resolving all references between them.
For modding, decoupled many references that found ThingDefinitions via their entitytypes, so we can have lots of definitions that share entitytypes. Now they use the ThingDefinitions directly.
Some small optimizations.
Stockpiling AI: when on hauling runs, colonists now pick up extra resources from nearby piles even if they can’t carry all of them.
Cooks taking food to hoppers now more perf-efficient and cooks will no longer fill hoppers that are already nearly full.
Mods can now load content cross-references and images. Content handling is much cleaner overall. In progress. Created Royal Bed test mod.
Guns and equipment, plants, and apparel are all now loaded from XML. Added rose decorative plant.
Letters now have varying urgencies. More urgent gets a hotter color. The most urgent ones also bounce occasionally to get your attention.
Readjusted probabilities of solid and shuffled pawn bios appearing.
Combined pawn RaceDefinitions into general ThingDefinitions. All pawn definitions now generate meat definitions.
AI: The old code for having AIs watch for job failure conditions is creaking under the strain. I’ve cut it and started a new, more modularized failure condition watcher infrastructure. Now, when the JobDriver defines the high-level behaviors, the action and failure conditions won’t have to be coupled together. You’ll be able to configure and stack together failure conditions appropriate to the job being done. This allows reuse of behavior code in different contexts (e.g. Hauling a resource to a stockpile, hauling a resource to a building site, hauling a resource to a table for reaction site have different fail conditions but can use the same hauling core code).
Started integrating Al’s ambient sounds.
Finished basic new AI failure condition framework.
Thoughts are now moddable definitions.
Cannibalism causes bad thoughts, differently depending on whether it’s eaten raw or cooked into a meal. Colonists avoid eating it. Different meats look different.
Integrated first-pass weather and ambient sounds.
Reactions are now called recipes.
Created a data-driven default settings system for storage buildings. Hoppers default to not accepting human meat.
Cleaned up and pumped up map save/load to be able to handle all sorts of funky cross-references. This was originally so I could save a colonist’s job with a true reference to the specific work order they were in the process of carrying out.
Blasting charges cut (until they can be balanced properly).
Skill needs are now data-driven so you can define specific relationships between skills and different recipes’ efficiency and work time.
Recipe ingredients are now configurable and work using categories. You can tell your colonists what to butcher, and whether or not it should include people.
Balance: Colonists self-extinguish 2.5x more often.
Advanced meal types require advanced cooking skills.
Converted a bunch of old AI code into the new consistent toil format.
Converted all building definitions from hardcoded into XML.
Started modularizing EffectMakers and making them data-driven.
Finished decent refactoring of effects system so it can be data-driven. Different meals/recipes can make different effects while being eaten/worked on.
Finished refactoring out the Interactive interface; all AI actions are now specified in AI code, not in the things they interact with.
Factored out a lot of EntityDefinitions. These are now used as mini-categories, not individual entity identifiers, so modders can add more entities easily.
Migrated pawn kind definitions (sniper, drifter, refugee, etc) into XML.
Migrated research project definitions into XML.
Migrated all remaining Thing data into XML.
Rewrote how thing component data is handled (it’s no longer defined per enum on a centralized list) and migrated it all into XML.
Rewrote XML inheritance to inherit data about subelements and permit inheritance chaining (e.g. pawn->animal->squirrel).
Set up apparels to spawn according to who they are, data-driven.
Some late-night optimization, especially to the reachability checker, which, although not an expensive algorithm, can be called thousands of times in a frame, and so needs to be fast as hell.
Skills now decay over time when at very high levels.
Created the passion system, which affects learning rate according to characters’ natural inclination towards different subjects. As in real life, anyone can learn anything that they’re willing to do, but you learn a lot faster if you’re naturally interested in the subject.
Game save/load of lists, dictionaries, and hashsets now runs the same code whether saving simple values, deep-saveable objects, in-map cross-references, or references to game data definitions.
Mods can now override core game data as well as add to it.
Storytellers are now defined in XML.
Made turret look and sound weak to match its functionality.
Work type definitions and work giver definitions are now in XML, so you can mod in new work types to correspond to new economy chains.
Started working on getting code loading with mods.
Finished up stone economy with stone walls.
Reworked debug lister menu to handle large numbers of options. Also added a type-in filter.
Filled out storyteller moddability.-Additions-Plant growing zones added, along with AI to find and interact with them. Redesigned work AI to handle work on locations as well as things.
Created a no-roof region similar to the home region. The game won’t generate roofs in these regions. In addition, player-constructed roofs are removed when no-roof regions are added.
Added mod browser. Restructured mod data to be configurable. You can now install mods and run them in parallel. Created mod metadata screen (author, description, etc). [url=./exit.php?url=][/url]
AI: Started the reaction/butchery/cooking system. Working on a generalized reactions framework that characters will follow to transmute one set of items into another.
Started creating the “bill” interface so you can tell your colonists what to create at a recipe station. e.g. What meals to cook, what to butcher, etc.
Created cook stove and three meal types to cook. Advanced meal types require multiple ingredients but have better psychological and nutritive effects.
Added varied food types from plants: potatoes, agave, and berries.
Added release-mode console GUI so modders can properly debug their content without going insane.
Added max ingredient search radius for bills.
Added qualitative descriptions to skill levels.
Added gather spots so you can make idle colonists gather around certain tables.
Added stone economy: stonecutter’s table, crafting worktype, stone cutting workgiver, stone blocks thing, stone tiles floor, low stone wall, high stone wall.
Added blasting charges back in as a mod.
Added simple door. Cheaper, but cannot be powered.

0.1.334 (27 января 2014) (Alpha 1)

-Bug Fixes-Fixed another batch of stockpiling bugs, largely around configuration of special storage buildings.
Various bugfixes.-Changes-Starting moving game content out of hardcoding and into external, modifiable xml and content files. This is the beginnings of the mod system.
Redid storage allowance system into a nice hierarchy, so you can allow/disallow storage of individual kinds of items in a stockpile, or do it by categories. All with a nice collapsible-category interface.
AI's now haul construction-blocking items to the nearest open square instead of hauling them all the way to storage.
Had to scrap and try a new approach to having fixed default categories on the storage buildings.
Integrated storyteller portraits in entry menus.
Unified thing dropping placement code.
Kassandra is now Cleopatra.
Updated credits.
Stockpiling AI can now collect resources for multiple building sites when taking resources to building sites. So if there is a long wall, they can collect a pile of metal and lay down a dozen wall sections at once instead of going back and forth for each one. They still only collect from one resource pile.
Stockpiling AI: Pawns will now draw from several resource piles if it helps them build more efficiently. So they can pick up from multiple resource piles, carry the resources in one trip, and then deposit them in multiple building sites. Very efficient and fun to watch!
Included Rho’s new RimWorld logo and Ricardo’s happy/sad Randy portrait.
Colonist will now eat from dispensers in prisoners’ rooms as well as store meals in prisoners’ rooms if there is no prisoner present.
You can now rename stockpiles.
Some fairly easy but extremely impactful optimizations: eliminated 30k/frame of memory allocs from switching to the same font over and over. Game no longer tries to make tooltips from every rock square in the map (only pawns make tooltips now). Some others.
Terrain, building, and terrain scatterable definitions are now all moddable. Concept definitions (used by the adaptive tutor) as well.
Imported the latest player creative content.
Continuing to tune the adaptive tutor and put in more lessons and cues.
Rho did nicer thicker outlines for characters.
Worker AI rejiggered to allow prioritization of different classes of targets within one work type. The upshot is that they’ll try to finish existing unfinished buildings before carrying resources to blueprints.
Adaptive tutor now saves its estimates of the player’s knowledge as a separate file that will persist between games. Delete Knowledge.xml (in savegames’ parent folder) to reset it.
Returned adaptive tutor and reworked the internal numbers to all be percentages.
Major optimizations on the algorithm for regenerating rooms. Will help during mining.
Deconstructing is now done by designating a target, which the colonists go deconstruct.-Additions-Created audio authoring system, supporting one-shots and sustained sounds, various filters, pitch, volume settings, mappings from in-game parameters.
Created live-modding system, which allows modification of game content while the game is running. This includes the package editor and the definition editor.
Created apparel system and introduced the first batch of apparel from Rho’s art.
Created a system to randomize, remember, and manage colors for apparel and characters’ skin.
Lots of new art from Rho.
Added jacket from Rho.
AI can now add to existing stacks in storage, as well as handle various contingencies with lack of space, and so on.
Created adaptive tutor system. It watches everything you do and tries to determine your knowledge of various concepts. If it detects a concept is needed but knowledge hasn’t been demonstrated, it shows a helpful note. Effectively it tries to replicate a good teacher sitting behind you, saying only the things that are really needed.
Added preferred names list, so you can encourage the game to spawn your Name in Game or Backstory in Game character.

0.0.254b (7 ноября 2013) (Pre-alpha backer release 2)

-Bug Fixes-Fixed a number of serious issues, including roofs not building over large indoor constructions, crashes on building at the edge of the map, wardens convincing prisoners endlessly, and landing pods destroying designated areas.
Fixed a serious bug in Cassandra which was blocking events at high populations.
Attempted to fix the black screen bug-Changes-Abolished cycles - dates are measured in days only.
Walls now short circuit as well as power conduits.
Blasting charges cost more.
Rebalanced Cassandra’s raiders to not send advanced enemies too early, and to pace them a bit slower.-Additions-Added warning popup for loading old saves with new versions. This is not supported.
Added Chill Callie Classic storyteller, the more relaxed version of Cassandra.
Added a toggle to run the game even when the window isn't focused.

0.0.250 (3 ноября 2013) (Pre-alpha backer release 1)

-Bug Fixes-Many bugfixes in prep for public alpha-Changes-Reorganized enemy attack AI to acquire turret targets even without line of sight.
Totally refactored how equipment and verbs are managed under the hood.
Split repair from construction
Beating the fire on a burning pawn stuns them.
Firefighters will extinguish nearby friendly pawns even outside home zones.
Melee attacks incap more than guns and explosives.
Cannot speed up time while a colonist is on fire
Short throws will no longer have large inaccuracies
Redid how the game uncovers fog at map start.
T and G are now zoom keys
Traders now stay around for two days, not a half day.
Reorganized options menu.-Additions-Added video quality levels. Mostly it just turns off AA.

0.0.245 (29 октября 2013) (Pre-alpha press release 2)

-Bug Fixes-Various bugfixes and balance adjustments.-Changes-Plants and such no longer cover bullets as well as sandbags.
Raiders now opportunistically attack any building they happen across if not engaged in combat. Attempt to funnel them at your peril.
R-4 charge rifle now has a unique sound.
Weather (rain/fog) now affects chances of hitting a target (along with light levels and many other factors, good luck hitting someone on a foggy night now).
Hid the trait system to avoid confusion (since traits do nothing).
All weapons now have unique graphics.
Rewrote storage square management system to use the generalized work reservation manager.
Fast-forwarding is disabled during combat where you are under attack.
Balanced down hydroponics growth rate.
Charged batteries now explode while burning.
Rebalanced shooting and melee to make skill more important.
Drafted colonists no longer interrupt when melee attacked.
Traders are now rarer but carry more goods.
Dump sites no longer default to accepting humanoid corpses. Graves no longer default to accepting animal carcasses.
Smoothed out and softened how AI Storytellers handle colony population.
Colonists now gain bad thoughts from sleeping outside.
Replaced all noncommercial free sounds and attributed those under attribution licenses.
Power connectors report power net status.
You can now dump meals in dumping areas.
You can now click on names in the overview to center on the colonist.
Overview now displays health of wounded colonists.-Additions-Added map size adjustment in an advanced menu at game start.
You can now prioritize colonists’ tasks individually.
Levels now cap at 20 (as designed).
Added max selection size and max drag designate size.
Added raiders: sniper squad and mercenary squad.
Some electrical devices now short-circuit and cause fires if left out in the rain while running.
Split shooting accuracy breakdown into misses due to equipment and misses due to skill.
Added skills (which do nothing yet): cooking, medicine, artistic, crafting
Added work tags (most of which do nothing yet): Firefighting, scary, artistic, cooking
Added credits screen.

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