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(Electronic, Berlin School) AirSculpture - Дискография (12 альбомов) (1995-2009), MP3, 192-320 kbps (CBR)

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AirSculpture - Дискография (12 альбомов)- -||Жанр:Electronic, Ambient, Berlin School || Год выпуска дисков:1995-2009 || Страна:UK ||
||Аудио кодек:MP3 || Тип рипа:tracks || Битрейт аудио:192-320 kbps, CBR || Продолжительность:15:44:51 || Источник:Web ||
- -

1995-Impossible Geometries (53:54) (320 kbps)

1.Floe (25:18)
2.Impossible Geometries (19:09)
3.Stranger Tractors (9:27)-Label: Neu Harmony
Catalog#: NH003
Composed By, Performer – Adrian Beasley, John Christian, Peter Ruczynski
Engineer – AirSculpture, Mark Rosney
Recorded at Alleycat Studio, July 1995.

1996-Amazonian (EP) (42:42) (192 kbps)

1.Amazonian Lepidoptera Theorise On Chaos (10:41)
2.Slow Glass (Complete Version) (16:25)
3.Glimpse (15:36)

1996-Attrition System (1:11:26) (320 kbps)

1.Amazonian Lepidoptera Theorise On Chaos (10:39)
2.Syzygy (10:35)
3.Slow Glass (5:27)
4.Gegenschein (8:44)
5.Void (7:59)
6.Attrition System (11:27)
7.Malebranche (9:29)
8.Counterglow (7:06)-Label: Neu Harmony
Catalog#: NH004
Electronics [Casio Vz1, Cz101, Moog Opus3, Kawai K1r, Emu-es132, Yamaha Tx81z, Cheeter Md1r, Korg Prophecy, Pc Running Cubase Compact] – Adrian Beasley
Electronics [Casio Vz1, Roland Jd800, Jd990, Mks70/pg800, D100, Compaq Concerto Pc & Improvision Software] – John Christian
Electronics [Roland Jd800, Jd990, Oscar, Waldorf Microwave, Compaq Concerto Pc & Improvision Software] – Peter Ruczynski
Other [Cd Production] – Hypersonics
Photography [Band Portraits] – Brendan O'Donnell
Photography [Concert Photo] – Sue Beasley
Photography [Cover] – Andy Dobbs, Turnstone Images
Tracks 1 & 2 recorded at the Reading Alleycat, 25th Oct. 1995.
Tracks 3 & 6 recorded at the Reading Alleycat, 14th Oct. 1995.
Tracks 4, 5, 7 & 8 recorded at the Running Frog, 2nd March 1996.

1997-Europa (1:13:46) (320 kbps)

1.Part 1 (15:16)
2.Part 2 (8:51)
3.Part 3 (10:14)
4.Part 4 (23:39)
5.Part 5 (8:55)
6.Untitled (6:51)-Label: Neu Harmony
Catalog#: NH006
Engineer – Ad Smit
Recorded By [Audience] – Tim Gore
Voice [Introduction] – Tim Van Veen
Recorded at The 4th Alpha-Centauri festival in Huizen, Amsterdam March 1st 1997.
The back inlay states only 5 tracks, but there is an extra, untitled track; presumably Part 6.

1998-Thunderhead (1:14:46) (320 kbps)

1.Dark Design (11:43)
2.Aerostatic (13:03)
3.Polarvoid (9:30)
4.Pogofish (9:27)
5.Thunderhead (31:03)-Label: Neu Harmony
Catalog#: NH009
Artwork By [Cover] – Bouncing John Roberts, John Christian
Composed By, Performer – Adrian Beasley, John Christian, Peter Ruczynski
Engineer – AirSculpture, John "More Reverb" Mills*
All tracks composed and performed at The Running Frog, Windsor.
All music is based on improvisations with some minor overdubs and editing.

1999-Fjord Transit (1:13:11) (320 kbps)

1.Fjord Transit (34:52)
2.Traditional Folk Music (16:29)
3.Gloria Mundi (21:50)-Label: Neu Harmony
Catalog#: NH012
Artwork By [Cover] – Gary Hall
Mastered By – Dave Barker, Pete
Photography – Adrian, Joe Wells, Pete
Recorded live at the Eurosonic Festival, Val, Sweden, 1999.

2001-Quark Soup (2:08:47) (320 kbps)

1.Bock (14:37)
2.Dubbel (16:19)
3.Tripel (27:30)
4.Shoarma (5:19)
5.Moments in Lowell (58:55)
6.Settee (6:07)-Label: Neu Harmony
Catalog#: NH019
Disc 1 recorded live at the E-Live festival, Nijmegen, Netherlands, October 1999.
Disc 2 recorded live at the Jodrell Bank Planetarium, England, May 2000.

2005-TranceAtlantic (2:09:54) (320 kbps)

1.Walk The Locust (Part 1) (33:18)
2.Walk The Locust (Part 2) (25:19)
3.Walk The Locust (Part 3) (4:00)
4.TranceAtlantic (Part 1) (37:47)
5.TranceAtlantic (Part 2) (19:31)
6.TranceAtlantic (Part 3) (9:59)-Label: Neu Harmony
Catalog#: NH037
Disc 1 recorded live at The Gatherings, 17 April 2004.
Disc 2 recorded live on Star's End radio, 18 April 2004.

2006-Before The Moon (1:52:59) (320 kbps)

1.La Gomera Concert Pt. 1 (49:52)
2.La Gomera Concert Pt. 2 (63:07)-Label: Ricochet Dream
Catalog#: RD020-P2
Producer [Concert] – Vic Rek
Recorded live as part of the Ricochet Gathering at Castillo Del Mar, Vallehermoso, La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain on October 14, 2005.
Limited Edition distributed at AirSculpture's November 18, 2005 concert at The Gathering at St. Mary's Church Philadelphia, USA.

2008-Burn (1:00:54) (320 kbps)

1.Stage 1 (12:38)
2.Stage 2 (17:19)
3.Stage 3 (14:59)
4.Stage 4 (15:58)-Label: Not On Label
Catalog#: none
Artwork By [Album Design, Photography] – John Christian
Artwork By [Photography] – Adrian Beasley, Peter Ruczynski
Keyboards [Mellotron, Virtual Mellotron], Synthesizer [Assorted], Composed By, Performer – Adrian Beasley
Synthesizer [Analogue & Digital Modular, Assorted], Composed By, Performer – John Christian, Peter Ruczynski
Recorded live at the Second Hampshire Jam Festival, November 2002, Liphook, Hampshire.

2009-Doom Bar (1:03:03) (320 kbps)

1.Doom Bar (48:07)
2.Voter Run (14:56)

2009-Trick Or Treat? (59:29) (320 kbps)

1.Trick or Treat? (59:29)

О группе (eng)

AirSculpture are a UK based electronic music group. Its members - Adrian Beasley, John Christian and Peter Ruczynski - established it in the mid-1990s as a reaction to a music scene that no longer reflected their tastes. The energy and edge of '70s EM had become diluted into a melange of clinical digital sounds played over safe pre-recorded backing.
Most of AirSculpture's music is created live on stage, improvised with little or no pre-planning. Over time it has evolved to a unique sound melding driving Berlin School rhythms with engaging, flowing melodies; or sometimes moving into darker ambient realms; or shifting gear with danceable beats.
The band has released seven full length albums; of these five are live recordings reflecting the live nature of the music. There have also been numerous tracks released on compilation albums.


Adrian Beasley, John Christian, Peter Ruczynski

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