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Windows Ultimate Workstation 2010

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Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Ultimate Workstation 2010- Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: 7600 основана на Windows Server 2008 R2 DataCenter
Разработчик: Microsoft Corporation
Сборка: Benjamin (Rockers Team)
Платформа: x64
Язык интерфейса: английский
Таблетка отсутствует
Пароль по умолчанию Server20102008
Icons by Mr.GrIm
Системные требования:
Любой компьютер, поддерживающий Windows 2008:
• Центральный процессор x64 с тактовой частотой 1 ГГц;
• Объем оперативной памяти 1 ГБ;
• Объём жесткого диска 16 Гб(минимальное пространство для установки — 10.5 Гб);
• Графический процессор с поддержкой DirectX 9 и 128 Мб памяти. Рекомендуются драйверы WDDM версии 1.0 и старше;
• Дисковод для компакт- или DVD-дисков;
• Клавиатура и мышь

Любой язык можно установить через Windows Update
следующие редкации:

Изменения внесенные в Windows Ultimate Workstation 2010

* New Windows Sounds
* Added ATI and Nvidia graphics drivers
* Nvidia graphics driver will be installed by default
* Intel onboard graphics drivers integrated
* Enabled Audio service
* Enabled Themes service on startup
* Enabled Windows Sidebar
* Enabled Windows Media Player
* Enabled Tablet PC and other Windows 7 applications
* Enabled BitLocker
* Enabled BITS service
* Enabled Windows Recovery disc
* Enabled Biometric Framework
* Enabled Wireless Networking
* Enabled Windows Fax and Viewer
* Enabled Windows Remote Assistance
* Enabled .NET Framework 3.5
* Enabled Internet Printing client tool
* Enabled Indexing service
* Enabled Handwriting Recognition
* Enabled XPS Viewer and Foundation
* Disabled Password expiry warning
* Disabled Shutdown Tracker
* Standard UA images
* Disabled ctrl+alt+del at Windows startup
* Fully Automated setup
* Disabled Password expiration
* Enabled Windows 7 bootscreen
* Enabled Windows 7 Games
* Enabled xinput
* Enabled Game controllers
* Enabled Sticky Notes
* Enabled Aero Cursors scheme
* Enabled dmusic
* Removed Watermarks
* 7-zip for extraction purpose.
* Adobe Flash Player plugin
* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
* Registry boosted up
* More Stable and Reliable
* UAC Disabled
* New Look for Windows Media Player
* New Shortcut Arrows
* New set of icons
* New Server Ultimate Theme
* Added Registry control in Control panel
* Added My computer in Control panel
* Added user directory in Control panel
* Added Libraries in Control panel
* Added Windows switcher in Control panel
* Added Network in Control panel
* Added Internet explorer in Control panel
* Added Group policy in Control panel
* Added Recycle Bin in Control panel
* Added User Account 2 in Control panel
* Enabled Font smoothing
* Enabled all desktop icons
* Enabled startpanel off
* Enabled show windows live
* Enabled Bluetooth taskbar icon
* Increased Menu display speed
* Screensaver time setout in 3 Min and default screensaver as Bubbles
* Enabled Lowlevel Hooks timeout
* Enabled Welcome center
* Enabled Auto Endtask
* Enabled Administrative tools on start Menu
* Enabled Run on start menu
* Taskbar set to the mode - combine when taskbar is full
* Power button action is set to shutdown
* Enabled Display on My computer
* Enabled Show Desktop in explorer context menu
* Enabled Programes and Features on My computer
* Enabled Administrative Tools on My computer
* Enabled Backup and Restore on My computer
* Enabled Device Manager on My computer
* Enabled Search on My computer
* Enabled Windows Cardspace on My computer
* Enabled NetWork and Sharing Center on My computer
* Enabled Run on My computer
* Enabled Tablet PC Settings on My computer
* Enabled Copy to, Move to, Grant Admin permission, Open with notepad, Open in New window, Disk cleanup, Defragment Analysis, Defragment this drive, Take ownership
* Enabled Register and un-register DLL
* Added Device Manager, Cascading Menu shortcuts, God mode, Group policy, MS-config, services, Registry editor in my computer context menu
* Shows Hidden files and Folders
* Shows hidden drives with no media
* Shows file extensions
* Disabled Windows defender
* Disabled low disk space warning
* Enabled power down after shutdown
* Command window text color set to clear white
* Enabled Auto restart in the even of BSOD
* Shows search on start menu
* Disabled beep sound
* Enabled maximum speed for mouse pointer
* Enabled UXtheme patch
* Minimized number of recent items to display in jump list to 10
* Enabled Avalon effects
* Enabled Windows dreamscenes
* Enabled slow motion windows effects
* Enabled thick window frame
* Enabled IE phishing filter
* Disabled background sound in IE
* Default search page as Google
* Enabled save session history of IE
* Enabled use of cleartype
* Enabled maximum number of downloads to 20
* K-Lite Codecs Package
* DirectX updated upto June 2010
* Mozilla Firefox
* Foxit Reader 4.0
* VLC Media player
* CCleaner
* Added Easy shortcuts for desktop context menu
* FIX: Misrepresent a system action or behavior without user knowledge
* FIX: Remote Attacker Denial of Service
* Resolved Issues caused by daylight saving time
* Support Secure Digital (SD) cards larger than 32 GB
* Resolved issues with non-compatible applications
* Added Graphics card tweaker for both ATI and Nvidia
* RT Registry tweaker Features:
(Unlock taskbar, use small icons, Disable Aero peek, Disable Aero snap, Disable Minimize animations, Disable taskbar animations, Add all kind of shortcuts to my computer, Disable Hibernation, Diskable Windows updates, Disable Windows firewall and other many useful tweaks from RT Registry tweaker)
Контрольные суммы:
CRC32: 09FA4D56
MD5: 4AA91AE430EBB99A631A4CF2FF468D69
SHA-1: B5FFD57A4A2241816262753C16AB2E8A80542ABD

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